About Us
We have been delivering milk and fruit boxes to businesses all around Melbourne for almost 30 years
We’re driven by a belief that we have the power to make workplaces happier, healthier places, so we take every opportunity to deliver not just the best produce but the type of service, value and reliability that leaves a smile on our customer’s faces.
Who we are

What shapes our business, our beliefs and our relationships

We are a small, family-owned business with a friendly, close-knit team. We pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to look after our customers and each other.

For us, this means always honouring our commitments, taking the time and care to select and deliver the highest quality products, and making sure that our interactions are always positive and supportive.

We’re about fuelling happiness and wellbeing in the workplace.

Illustration showing the journey of milk from a dairy farm to city buildings, with a DDmilk truck delivering the milk

What we do

We offer a range of milk and fruit boxes to suit every taste and budget
We support our local dairy farmers and growers by sourcing our milk & fruit right here in Victoria
We deliver to every type of workplace you can think of, including building sites, schools and factories
Our fruit is hand-selected fresh each day
Our milk is delivered farm fresh to you within 24 hours of milking
We deliver your milk in re-usable plastic crates, which we pick up on your next delivery and return them to the milk processing plant to be washed and reused
We are serious about ensuring we approach business in a sustainable way and play our part in reducing environmental impacts and reducing our carbon footprint by keeping milk production and distribution local
We customise our delivery service based on your individual needs – this could mean we deliver after hours or that we stock up your fridge with milk
What we value

What shapes our business, our beliefs and our relationships

We Value People
We care about our dairy farmers, our local fruit producers, our customers and each other because healthy people lead to happier workplaces
We're Energised
We’re charged up and always ready to go the extra mile. We don’t take shortcuts
Trust is Everything
We’ll be there, on time, every time. We’re there for you
Happiness & Wellbeing
Our fresh milk and fruit fuels positivity and good vibes. We help people feel good, and that makes us feel good

Always reliable. Always fresh. All good.

Get your trial discount
Call 1300 336 455 and find out about our 50% off for two weeks fresh milk offer when you place a milk delivery order for a minimum of six consecutive weeks.
This offer is only available to new customers (excluding cafés).
1300 336 455